‘Jo mask nahi lagaya, woh gadha hai’: A journalist tries to raise awareness amid Covid-19, wins internet

Amid the novel coronavirus crisis, there are still many people who are follow social distancing norms. Now, a journalist in Bihar has found an unusual and effective way to make people wear face masks — by likening them to a donkey!

In the video widely being shared across social media sites, the journalist of Bharat Live is first seen asking a donkey why it is sitting on the road without a mask. Then, he poses the same question to passersby who are not wearing face masks.

Talking to one person, the reporter says, “Jo mask nahi lagaya woh gadha hai (Who do not wear mask, is a donkey)”, asking him to say aloud, “Toh kahiye zor se, ‘hum gadhe hain’ (So, you say loudly, ‘I’m a donkey’)”.

Another elderly man, who pulls his gamcha (towel) to cover his face as soon as he spots the camera, the witty reporter asks: “Chacha, camera se aapko bachna hai ki corona se bachna hai? (Uncle, do you want to save yourself from camera or corona?)”

As he continues to interview many such people flouting lockdown rules, he keeps reiterating that “the one who is without mask is a donkey”.

The video has garnered a lot of attention online, from Facebook to YouTube, with many impressed with the journalist’s manner of raising awareness as well as trolling people at the same time.



Source : indianexpress

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